The Power of a Healthy You—Our Natural Intuitive Approach

Health and wellness are the keys to a full and active life, but as we age our needs for nutrition, activity and sleep change too.   Through all of life’s stages our cellular and hormone health, heart, brain and organ function, skeletal-muscular condition and mental health depend on our body’s ability to adapt to ongoing and ever-changing demands for energy.  By responding to each of our specific needs for nutrients, exercise and rest we can begin to bring the whole body into balance for optimal health and wellness.

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Our Mission

Founded on Fundamentals

It is our mission to provide you with the tools and information necessary to support natural health and wellness and to empower you to make the best, informed decisions for yourself and your family.  Wherever you are in your wellness journey, we have a complete plan or program to fit your unique needs.  It is our sincere hope to help you live richly, with purpose, your best life today.

About Us

We believe that current, research-backed information allows you to make the best decisions for your individual health and wellness.

Provides prompt, accurate assessment and results to help you meet health challenges head on. Gives you the necessary tools to explore and monitor various treatment options and support practices.

Good health starts with self-care that considers lifestyle, outlook, exercise, diet, and nutrition supplementation.

Prescriptive Care
When health and wellness go beyond the scope of self-care, prescriptive treatment can be individually customized with natural hormone compounds.

Our Products and Services provides current, researched healthcare information through a series of website articles, online mini-courses, monthly electronic newsletters, and periodic Health Flash news releases.  Our partner naturopaths and affiliated medical practitioners are available to answer specific questions as well.

Optimal Health Testing and Screening
Our full-service CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified partner laboratory performs testing processes in-house, including baseline hormone level testing and other advanced wellness evaluation. Timely results are provided via mail or email.

Self-Care Formulations
Good health starts with self-care.  We offer high quality, physician-formulated supplemental support for women suffering from uncomfortable symptoms of PMS and menopause. Our products are specially designed to balance hormones, promote a healthier mind and body, and support healthy aging. We offer a full array of nutritional supplements and products to support optimal health.

Custom, Individually Compounded Prescriptions
Our partner compounding pharmacy prepares your unique compounded prescriptions in a manner of delivery methods including oral capsules, sublingual tablets, topical gels and creams, and patches.

Patient Management and Monitoring
Our team of registered nurses, health educators, and certified pharmacists work together with you and your healthcare provider to successfully manage and monitor hormone levels and any hormone imbalance that negatively impacts your life.

Customer Support
Caring, knowledgeable customer support representatives and Optimal Health educators are here to answer questions, help you with your order, or respond to concerns involving products, services, care providers or wellness programs.  Our carefully trained support staff, offer a wealth of information, encouragement, and assistance in a confidential format.

Optimal Health Essentials Membership has its benefits! For just $49.95 annually, our members receive complimentary products and educational publications, along with a discount on most prescriptions and over-the-counter products.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your product experience, send us the remaining unused portion of any over-the-counter product within 60 days of purchase and we will refund your money in full—no questions asked. Not applicable to lab testing.

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