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Embark on your weight loss journey with telehealth prescription products—expert guidance, FDA-approved treatments, and personalized plans for a healthier you, all from the comfort of home.

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Managing weight can be difficult, especially in a fast-paced society where stress, easy access to food, and automation converge.

For some men and women, a Customized Weight Management Program is a great option
Consult with a board-certified physician to discuss health and weight management options

Develop a treatment plan that includes pharmaceutical support

1 in 3

American adults are overweight. 
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Common symptoms of overweight/obese adults include:
Excess fat around the waist
Shortness of breath
Profuse sweating
Sleep difficulties
Skin irritation
Sensitivity to heat
Joint/back pain
Low mood
Negative self-esteem
Limited ability to perform everyday tasks

Products and Treatments

Optimal Weight Loss Essentials

Regular $955.00

Our Price $795.00

- Medical Consult
- Weekly Semaglutide Injection
- Shipping
- Monthly Checkin

Optimal Weight Loss Essentials Plus

Regular $1,177.00

Our Price 995.00

- Medical Consult
- Weekly Semaglutide Injection
- BioBoost Plus (MIC, B6, B12, Car)
- Shipping
- Monthly Checkin

Steps to take:



The Customized Weight Management Plan through our Secure Online Portal


Answer Questions

Involving Current Health and Medical History


Meet with a Licensed Physician

Via Virtual Visit to Discuss Weight Loss and Management



Compounded Prescription Medication Delivered to Your Door



Lower Blood Pressure
Decrease in Triglyceride Levels
Lower Risk of Heart Disease
Increased Mobility
Reduction in Pain
Decrease in Erectile Dysfunction
Increased Self-esteem
Improved Insulin Resistance
Improved mood
“Couldn’t have done it without the Heyday crew, the shipping was super-fast and the product was absolutely top notch!”
Nicole Hampton, Melbourne
Master your health
Based on your individual needs and goals, we create the perfect protocol for hormones, peptides, nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes. 
Find your Natural Balance
Become more Focused
Reclaim lost Energy 

By tracking regular progress, and frequent check-ins with your support team, we work to give you the framework necessary for a Successful Wellness Plan.

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