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MedMind…Peace of Mind

Imagine a world where your health and well being come first, without ever having to think about it…Now you can.

MedMind’s convenient new app allows you the freedom to monitor your medical conditions and prescriptions anytime—anywhere.

Personal Health Management

We know how busy life can be with enough worries about your health and the well being of your family…Taking your medicine shouldn’t be one of them.

Medicine Manager

Of the 187 million Americans who take prescription medication daily, only about half are compliant with the instructions given on the label.

MedMind wants to change that, by providing a secure, easy-to-use medication app that reminds you when it’s time to take medication. With clear and simple dosing instructions, you’ll never need another pill reminder, miss a pill or fail to take prescriptions properly again. Our medication reminder let’s you set the time of day and frequency for each of your medicines. So much more than a pill reminder, or medicine timer, Medicine Manager tracks prescription adherence and alerts you to health risks and negative trends when you fail to follow your prescriber’s instructions.

Medmind medication application

Virtual Health Coach

When it comes to your specific medical conditions and health concerns, we’ve got that covered too. Information and assistance tailored directly to you is brought to your patient portal instantly, with complete education on your medicines and condition, guidelines for success, and monitoring of progress.

Prescription Predictor

Never be without your medication again. Prescription Predictor manages your prescription refills by scheduling reminders, so you’ll know when to reorder meds. Mark your calendar for times when you’ll be out of town, away from your pharmacy, or on vacation. Our pill tracker helps you plan for anticipated changes to your refill regimen so you’ll never have to miss a dose.

How We Connect

Pharmacy—Prescription prompts track prescriptions and medicines and alert patients when it’s time to reorder. Providers offer valuable information about new medications, side effects, drug recalls, and current drug research. When starting a new medicine, a medication alarm automatically alerts you to contraindications in drugs so you can contact your pharmacist or physician.

Physician—Doctors and other healthcare providers monitor their patients’ medication and health remotely, simply by joining MedMind and connecting to clients. Patients not only share medication adherence information, but also critical feedback about blood pressure, blood sugar, pain, and more.

Patient—MedMind educates and informs individuals about their specific medical condition, prescription medications, and ways to live successfully with them. Patients upload information about prescription adherence, diet and weight, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and a host of other measurements. Doctors and pharmacists can access and monitor your health status and decisions, quickly and conveniently from their personal dashboard.

Plans & Networks—Your healthcare insurance provider can link to MedMind to offer important information about medication coverage, generic prescriptions, up coming news on new treatments, and health events.

Get the peace of mind you deserve. Get MedMind.


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